Artist Various artists (featuring Mark Knopfler)
Venue Royal Albert Hall, London, UK
Date 15th September 1997
Source Soundboard
Format 3CD-R
Tracks CD 1
  1. TV announcement from Chris Evans
  2. Sir George Martin announces Martin Lewis
  3. Martin Lewis tells about Montserrat
  4. George Martin announces Arrow
  5. Arrow - Hot, hot, hot (Montserrat's hottest disco band with Montserrat's hottest disco song)
  6. TV announcement
  7. Announcement from Tania Bryer
  8. Carl Perkins - Blue suede shoes
  9. Tania Bryer interviews Midge Ure (in the background you can hear a bit from the soundcheck of 'Dancing with tears in my eyes')
  10. Midge Ure - Vienna
  11. Tania Bryer interviews Jimmy Buffet (with a few seconds of the soundcheck of 'Hey Jude')
  12. Jimmy Buffet - When the vulcano blows (this show was Jimmy's first ever European concert)
  13. Tania Bryer announcement
  14. Paul McCartney trailer
  15. George Martin announces Phil Collins
  16. Phil Collins - In the air tonight
  17. Phil Collins - take me home
  18. Phil Collins - In the air tonight (a short bit of the afternoon soundcheck version)
  19. Tania Bryer interviews Phil Collins
Tracks CD 2
  1. Tania Bryer interviews Mark Knopfler (in the background you can hear some bits from the 'Brothers in arms' soundcheck)
  2. Phil Collins introduces Mark Knopfler
  3. Mark Knopfler & Guy Fletcher - Wild theme
  4. Mark Knopfler & Guy Fletcher - Brothers in arms
  5. Mark Knopfler announces Sting
  6. Mark Knopfler & Guy Fletcher & Sting & Eric Clapton - Money for nothing
  7. Tania Bryer interviews Sting (in the background you can hear soundcheck bits of 'Message in a bottle' and ' Every little thing she does is magic')
  8. Phil Collins introduces Sting
  9. Sting - Message in a bottle
  10. Sting - Fields of gold
  11. Sting - Every little thing she does is magic
  12. Tania Bryer announcement
  13. Tania Bryer interviews George Martin
  14. George Martin announces Elton John
  15. Elton John - Your song
  16. Elton John - Live like horses
  17. Elton John - Don't let the sun go down on me
  18. Tania Bryer interviews Josh Phillips (in the background you can hear a few seconds of Eric Clapton rehearsing 'The same old blues' during the soundcheck)
Tracks CD 3
  1. Carl Perkins announces Eric Clapton
  2. Eric Clapton - Broken hearted
  3. Eric Clapton - Layla (with Mark Knopfler)
  4. Eric Clapton - The same old blues (with Mark Knopfler)
  5. Tania Bryer interviews Paul McCartney
  6. George Martin introduces Paul McCartney
  7. Paul McCartney - Yesterday
  8. Paul McCartney - Golden slumbers / Carry that weight / The end (for this and the rest of the show Paul is accompanied by Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, and also by his old band-mates Robbie McIntosh and Chris 'Wix' Wickens who were part of the evening's regular band. George Martin conducts the score)
  9. Tania Bryer announcement
  10. George Martin announcement
  11. Paul McCartney - Hey Jude (for the encores also Carl Perkins, Jimmy Buffet, Midge Ure, Elton John who sings the second verse and Sting who sings lead on the fourth verse join Paul McCartney's all-star band)
  12. Paul McCartney - Kansas City / Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey
Additional comments The 'Music for Montserrat' concert was first aired on the 16th September 1997 on 'Sky Box Office' pay-per-view TV-channel (the source for these discs). A radio version of the show was first aired on the 20th September 1997.
me of rock music's biggest stars performed at a benefit concert in London on Monday, September 15th to raise money for the volcano-ravaged Caribbean island of Montserrat. The concert has been organised by Sir George and Lady Martin together with Harvey Goldsmith to raise funds for the victims of the Soufriere volcano on the island of Montserrat which has been in a continuous state of eruption since July 1993. The explosion in June 1997 killed 19 people and rendered 1500 homeless. Beatles producer George Martin, who has a luxury home and recording studio on the island, hopes to raise at least 500,000. Mark Knopfler was one of the artists that evening and of course his contribution can be found on this recording. Mark also plays a wonderful version of Layla together with Eric Clapton and also plays on the Paul McCartney set. Good sound quality.